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Water Quality
Our objective is to create or maintain conditions that will minimize, halt or reverse the degradation of water quality in Mission Lake. Water quality is a term used to describe the condition of a water body in relation to human needs or values. Quality is not an absolute; the terms “good” or “poor” water quality only have meaning relative to the use of the water and the attitude of the user. A lake might have good water quality for swimming but be considered poor water quality for bass fishing. To most of us, water quality is synonymous with water clarity.

Water Quality - What we have done:

Some of the things your lake association has done to protect your lake:

  • Provide educational materials to our property owners through distribution of BMP’s (best management practices) handouts, Landowners Guides to Lake Stewerdship, Newsletters.
  • In 1990-91 we hired AW Research Labs to record and analyze, through infrared and visual photography, the entire shoreline of our lakes. This was followed by a closer investigation of the areas of concern and individual contact with landowners to recommend preventative and corrective action in areas of concern.
  • Developed, through the Crow Wing County Water Planner, a plan to upgrade all non-complying septic systems on Mission Lake. This became a pilot project that was later adopted and used by several other lake associations in our county. (see summary following)
  • Worked closely with the Crow Wing County Lakes and Rivers Alliance to establish a ban on fertilizers containing phosphorus in Crow Wing County.
  • Hired a trapper to trap beaver that were damming Mission Creek and worked with the DNR to keep the creek clear and flowing.
  • Protected the creek flowing into Upper Mission from possible contamination by purchasing the property adjoining the creek to protect it from development.
    • Protected a sensitive piece of lakeshore on Upper Mission by purchasing it in conjunction with the DNR and protecting it from development
  • Purchased and placed buoys to mark the channel between the lakes to minimize disturbance of the lake bottom and destruction of the natural aquatic vegetation.
  • Review all requests for variances and building projects within the shoreland area.

Secchi Readings & Water Sampling

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